Star Awards

The Telluride Tourism Board's Spirit of Tourism Achievement Recognition (STAR) awards program recognizes community members for excellence in promoting and retaining tourism to the destination. The third annual STAR Awards will be announced at the TTB’s Annual Meeting on Tuesday, June 12 at the Sheridan Opera House at 3 p.m.. The STAR Awards will focus on three tourism focused areas: Service, Marketing & PR and the Destination SuperSTAR. Prizes ranging from Ride Festival tickets to skiing with Telluride Helitrax will be awarded to the winners.

Candidates can be nominated by colleagues or self-nominated, based on the following criteria:

ServiceSTAR: The ServiceSTAR will be awarded to a candidate who has offered an exceptional level of service to a guest, in one instance or continually through the year. The ServiceSTAR gives the guest a lasting positive impression of the destination by a simple or elaborate gesture of customer service. The ServiceSTAR will receive two tickets to the Ride Festival + $500 in Mountain Money at Telluride Ski & Golf. 

PromoSTAR: The PromoSTAR will be given to a person or business that has successfully promoted the Telluride brand through marketing and/or PR efforts. Results can be measured through media hits, visitation, Google analytics, etc. The PromoSTAR will receive a $800 gift certificate to the local restaurant of their choice.

Destination SuperSTAR: The Destination SuperSTAR has positively impacted the destination through an event, festival, business or cutting edge way that promotes Telluride and drives visitors to the area. The Destination SuperSTAR will be awarded a two days of skiing with Telluride Helitrax for Winter 2018/19. 

“The STAR Awards give us the opportunity to thank our stakeholders for supporting tourism in the destination, and we hope will start to encourage strong performance in years to come,” said President and CEO of the Telluride Tourism Board, Michael Martelon. “We look forward to recognizing the people and businesses that have contributed to Telluride’s success over the past year.” 

Nominate a ServiceSTAR

Nominate a PromoSTAR

Nominate a Destination SuperSTAR

Congratulations to the 2018 STAR Award winners! Recipients include:

ServiceSTAR: Brett Button, Town of Mountain Village Plaza Services Supervisor, won the ServiceSTAR award and received two tickets to the Ride Festival, and $500 in Telluride Ski & Golf Mountain Money.  

PromoSTAR: Chef Eliza Gavin and 221 South Oak received the PromoSTAR, and an $800 gift certificate to a local restaurant of their choice. 

Destination SuperSTAR: The Destination SuperSTAR was awarded to Telluride Ski & Golf’s Mountain Operations team for their incredible efforts and success in snowmaking and grooming during a challenging season, which translated to a positive guest experience. The team received four days of skiing with Telluride Helitrax that will be raffled off at an upcoming TSG appreciation event.