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Write into Fear with Kierstin Bridger

Kiersten Bridger

Write Into Fear with Kierstin Bridger Saturday & Sunday, January 30 & 31 | 9:30am-3:30pm | $200 tuition A 2 day course to transform both reader and writer, exploring how resonant writing comes from those willing to begin. . . one word at a time. You haven’t written in a while, you’re not sure where to start, or perhaps you need an infusion of new energy and air. Kierstin Bridger will meet you, wherever you are, with support, a useful map, and a life line. You’ll explore new writing through prompts, coaching, and depth diving! Bring a fast writing pen and a pad of paper! We’ll uncover places that excite the soul, the page and the reader. All genres/ levels welcome. “I was a late bloomer. But anyone who blooms at all, ever, is very lucky. ” ― Sharon Olds