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Working in Series: Abstract Workshop with Brucie Holler

Brucie Holler Abstract Painting Art

he closer you look the more you see. The more you see, the more fascinating it gets. Being comfortable with the basic concepts of abstraction: line, color, form, shape, etc. enables the painter to go deeper into the painting process. Working in series helps the painter develop a much deeper relationship with an idea and creates a format in which the painter can explore different aspects and angles, fully developing a narrative arc. So the question becomes, how does the artist find a consistent narrative thread that connects each painting to the next? In this three day workshop, we will discuss and work on a series of paintings, focusing on intention, consistency, exploration and cultivation of an idea and the source of our inspiration. PLEASE NOTE: This class is for students with some painting experience. Students should bring their lunches as well as their own materials. Students of the Ah Haa School are eligible for discounted lodging through Telluride Alpine Lodging. To receive your discount, please contact Chris Esch via email or call (970)729-8821.