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Wines of Piedmont with Paul Tocco

Friday, July 1 | 6 – 8pm | $65 Fresh from his trip to the Piedmont region, sommelier Paul Tocco will guide a tasting of these famous Italian wines. The Piedmont region of Northwestern Italy is well known for its exceptional wines. From the velvety Barolo to the slightly sweeter Dolcetto, Piedmont wines are unique unto themselves. Fresh from his own trip to Piedmont, sommelier Paul Tocco will guide students through a tasting of several of the wines that typify this famous region of Italy. Durango-based sommelier Paul Tocco, Synergy Fine Wines’ “Arch Duke of Good Juice and Wine Geekery,” has well over 20 years of food and wine experience, working nearly every facet of the wine business. Throughout his career, Tocco has endeavored to work with the best minds in the industry. Along the way he has had the good fortune to work with Kevin Taylor in Denver, Mark Tarbell in Phoenix, and Daniel Boulud in New York City, among others.