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Twenty(by)Telluride: Ah Haa

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Twenty(by)Telluride is a series of fun, lively, fast paced slide presentations that showcase the inner workings of artists and creative people. Each presenter gets exactly 20 slides that are shown for exactly 20 seconds each. Each presentation is about six and a half minutes long, and there are generally five presenters in an evening. The event will be held at Ah Haa's Daniel Tucker Gallery, with a bar set up for this fun, casual event. For this round, we are focusing on 5 of the creative people who have submitted to Ah Haa’s Annual Juried Art Exhibition, “Net Work.” Presenters are: Richard Cornelius Nancy B. Frank Lauren Metzger Dr. Steve Smolen Kathyrn Tatum Come see what moves and shakes these amazing Telluride Locals!