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Traditional African Cuisine: Appetizers, Spices & Their Uses with Safari Ngumbao

Monday, July 11 | 10am-2pm | $95 tuition & ingredients Learn about Africa’s culinary culture while making spiced vegetable puffs, sambusa and mango chutney with Kenyan chef Safai Ngumbao. Explore the exotic cuisine of Africa with Kenyan chef Safari Ngumbao. Students in the class will learn how to make two popular African appetizers – Mombasa beef sambusa with mango chutney and Zanzibar spiced vegetable puffs. Sambusas, sometimes called samosas, are triangular-shaped savory pastries fried in oil. These delicious snacks are commonly served during African wedding ceremonies. Zanzibar, an archipelago off the coast of East Africa, is sometimes referred to as one of the Spice Islands. The wonderful spiced vegetable puffs named for this part of Tanzania were a favorite of one of the Sultans of Oman. Come learn more about Africa’s culinary culture and its tasty spices with Safari, a seasoned chef and teacher, and the award-winning executive chef at Durango’s Strater Hotel. PLEASE NOTE: This class will NOT be held at the Ah Haa School, but at an offsite location.