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The Freedom Within - Iyengar Yoga Workshop with Senior Teacher Nancy Stechert

Delve into a deeper understanding of relationship and connection using the body as the tool to access greater insight, health and healing on all levels. Nancy Stechert, Senior Iyengar teacher will offer precise guidance for aligning body, breath and awareness to create more freedom within. Friday 2:30-4:30pm Hip Stabilization Stabilization of the hips strengthens the low back and frees valuable energy delivering the gift of spaciousness throughout. Explore this concept of stability as a bridge to freedom through a variety of poses including forward and back extensions and some lateral twisting. Friday 6-8pm Yoga Philosophy “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” is the foundation of several yoga methods including Iyengar Yoga. The sutras explain why and how yoga works from the very basics of only stretching the body to the highest level of enlightenment. Our discussion will focus on the chapter on practice, the eight limbs of yoga, and the yogic view of the world. Saturday 9-11am Stand in Your Power Standing poses: a reflection of clarity, courage, strength and stability. We will develop a reverence for the gifts of foundation and alignment. Saturday 3-5pm The Inner World of Forward Extensions Forward extensions bow to the freedom of the hips and the openness of the upper spine, focusing inward attention. Discover the infinite peace within as we release the holding patterns that keep us from the present moment. Sunday 10-12pm Backward Extensions Experience the ecstatic awakening and extension of your spine by unlocking the upper thoracic spine and securing the lower lumbar spine. Develop flexibility and strength of the shoulder and pelvic girdle to witness the freedom within a back bend. INVESTMENT: Single Classes: $40 PER CLASS, $35 if registered by January 8th Full Workshop: $175 OR Pre-Register by January 8th and Pay $140