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The Art of Figure Drawing with Meredith Nemirov

Workshop Cat1200X600

Monday – Wednesday, July 6 – 8 | 2 – 5pm | $170 tuition + $65 materials* *Students must also purchase some of their own materials separately (see required materials list). If you would like to purchase your supplies from Ah Haa, a separate $25 materials fee applies, please choose this add-on option when registering for your class. An introduction to figure drawing with a live model. Join a long tradition of drawing from a live model in this three part class. The emphasis will be on “live” as in living and moving as we capture the gestural expression of the figure and its position in space using charcoal on paper. An understanding of forms in physical space through instruction in shape, line, value, proportion, volume and space leads us to an intuitive drawing that is our own personal response to the human form.