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Strengthening Relationships in the Digital Age with Dr. Paul

Join internationally renowned clinical and consulting psychotherapist Paul L. Hokemeyer, JD, PhD (Dr. Paul) to learn more about the unique challenges of creating resilient relationships in an era of mounting digital distraction and easy tools we can use to strengthen our relationships as we come into the holiday season. While the internet enables us to expand our connections to people, places and information far outside our local community, it also causes us to feel deficient, alone and relationally compromised. Many of us wonder if in sharing our personal lives on social media, we've made a Faustian bargain, trading our soul for moments of connection. In this facilitated discussion, Dr. Paul will explain how the internet impacts the most primitive parts of our brains, why we find it so seductive, and how we can make sure it enhances, rather than diminishes our emotional and physical well being.