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Principles to Improve your Landscape Painting with Jill Carver | Monday – Wednesday, February 4 – 6, 2019

Join nationally renowned artist Jill Carver for a three-day intensive indoor landscape oil painting class. Each day Jill will focus on a specific principle that will help students improve greatly in their landscape work. Students will learn the importance of concept and motif in their compositions, and will explore notan theory – establishing an effective dark and light pattern by identifying only 4-5 large shapes within a landscape to create a strong design. Jill will guide the class in how to deconstruct and then re-construct a landscape into a limited-value plan, maintaining unity while adding information and variety to a landscape piece. The class will include demos, group brain-storming sessions, Powerpoint presentations, and the option of having a group evening meal. This class is open to advanced beginners, intermediate and professional painters alike. Students are asked to use oil paint rather than acrylic. Please see the required materials list for more information.