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Landscape Painting and the Self with Sam Levy

A Telluride Painting School (TPS) Class Monday – Friday, July 27 – 31 | 9am – 5pm | $650 + $50 studio fee Includes 24-hour access to the painting studio between class sessions. (Students must purchase required materials on their own.) Immerse yourself in the beauty of Telluride’s landscape during this plein air painting intensive, part of Ah Haa’s Telluride Painting School. Our confrontation with the landscape is the manifestation of our self in the world. Working outside challenges the painter to make a concrete image with constantly changing dynamics of what is seen. Engaging with the landscape is difficult – by nature it is acting upon you as you work – however that creates an experience very special and unique as to working in the controlled environment of the studio. This week-long intensive will investigate making imagery, the urgency of the moment, and the experience of painting outside in the scene of Telluride. We will work to complete our paintings during each morning or afternoon session, with one extended, larger image being developed over the last three mornings of class. Our goals will include making plastic, meaningful imagery while expanding our knowledge of landscape painting in general. Students will have 7-8 pieces by the end of the week. Drawing experience is recommended.