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Jedi Swordplay for Adults with Colin Sullivan

Jedi Swordpaly Colin Sullivan 1

Friday & Saturday | 1:00 – 6:00pm | $195 August 24 & 25, 2018 Want to fight like a Jedi but don’t have the midichlorians? Have no idea what what this means but you like pretending and playing with laser swords? Let Telluride Theatre ensemble actor and amateur fight choreographer Colin Sullivan mold you into the Jedi you’ve always wanted to be. Learn some basics of fight choreography, master the art of lightsaber combat and develop a 3-5 minute choreographed lightsaber fight to impress your friends and colleagues at the office(or simply your kids). Class culminates in an public presentation of your choreographed lightsaber somewhere in Telluride! Join us! Stop being such an adult. Be a Jedi instead. East student will take home their own high-end Light Saber! For future battles against the dark side.