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Intermediate Burlesque with Telluride Theatre

Performing a burlesque act live on stage is terrifying, empowering and absolutely thrilling. Once you’ve completed Beginning Burlesque and gotten your first taste of the tease, it’s time to take your performance to the next level! Intermediate Burlesque will help you hone your on-stage prowess, expand your costume-creating skills, learn new dance moves and combinations, and delve deeper into storytelling and character development. Students will also learn about being a part of a theatrical production, how to create an exciting collaborative piece and master backstage etiquette. Whether you’re a seasoned Burlesquer interested in practicing your performance or you’re a post-Beginning Burlesquer eager to take the next step, this class is a must! THIS CLASS IS OPEN TO ALL STUDENTS WHO HAVE COMPLETED BEGINNING BURLESQUE AND IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED FOR THOSE BEGINNERS HOPING TO MOVE UP TO ADVANCED BURLESQUE PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE WILL NOT BE AN INTERMEDIATE BURLESQUE PERFORMANCE – STUDENTS IN THIS CLASS WHO ARE INTERESTED IN PERFORMING ARE ENCOURAGED TO AUDITION FOR ADVANCED BURLESQUE