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How to make the most of your iPhone or iPad

Iphone Ipad

A class for all “iDevice” users. Learn how to make full use of your iPad or iPhone, including tips and tricks to make these devices hum, plus the latest and greatest apps to explore. You’ll even find out how to make an iPad do 99% of what a full computer will do, so you can get real work done! This class will cover all aspects of the iPad/iPhone, from a complete tour of the hardware (as well as useful accessories) to an in-depth tour of the software interface, including how an iPad improves on the iPhone/iPod Touch interface. The class will focus primarily on iOS 8’s new bells and whistles, but devices running older iOS 7 software will still be relevant. For seasoned iPad users and those considering an “iDevice,” this class has something for everyone. Students should bring their iPad and/or iPhone with chargers.