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Four, One-Hour Aerial Silks Workshops

Aerial Silks 3

Telluride Fire Festival is bringing the amazing art form of aerial silk dancing to you! Meet Aerial Silk professional Stacy Everson and learn the art of Aerial Silks at the Telluride High School’s state-of-the-art dance studio. Explains Stacy, Our main focus is to build strong bodies and minds in a supportive, noncompetitive environment. This is an individualistic exploration that builds focus and calms the most active of children. Adult and children classes are available. No previous gymnastics or dance skills are necessary. Benefits of Aerial Silks: Focus, a centered sense of self, learning the way ones body works and FUN are all attributes of aerial silks. The way one can amaze through the drops and transitions are truly exciting and fun to execute too. Children experience strength building by learning to transfer weight in their hands as they move into exploring their bodies off the ground. A child’s confidence grows as they master the art of climbing. Hand eye coordination development is explored through shape forming of ones body. By experiencing movement rarely felt in 4 dynamics space,their creativity blossoms. Class times and details for children, teens and adults 4-5pm: Children 6-10 years of age (Maximum number of students 12) Sopris Soarers Monkey Play workshop will focus 1 hour on building the awareness and strength for strong grip and muscle connection to explore inversions hangs basics. Children will be taught climbs, handgrips, ways to transfer weight. 5-6pm: Teen aerial 10 years of age and up Our main focus is to build strong legs and to showcase a graceful transition of dance off the ground. This class will be structured with more poise and aerial dance elements. Learning to lengthen the limbs, work from an engaged foot whilst building a strong flexible spine and core. 6-7pm: Adult aerial yoga Aerial silk is an exhilarating low impact exercise that builds on strength, flexibility and endurance. In this class we will explore basic fundamentals to understand and establish proper body form as this is an art form that strengthens the core and tones the body through long hollow body movements. Think of it as a wonderful traction and antigravity play that brings joy and takes yoga form to the air. 7-8pm: Advanced aerial choreography and drops In this workshop we will explore the art of shape forming with our bodies in the silks with attention to transitions and guidance through drops. One must be able to do basic inversions utilizing core strength and understand straddle back inverts basic climbs to attend. At least 6 months of aerial is recommended.