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Face Your Fears: Painting Portraits in Oil with Julee Hutchison | July 26 & 27

An introductory oil painting workshop focusing on facial structure, light, shadow and composition for building interesting and exciting work. A great portrait is more than capturing a good likeness of the sitter. While it is important to understand the structure of the face and head, it is equally important to make a portrait feel alive and evoke emotion. Using oil paints and working from a live model, this two-day workshop will focus on facial structure and how that can be broken down into planes of light and shadow. In addition, the class will cover the importance of composition, stroke, color and edges in order to make an interesting and exciting painting. Individual attention will be given to each student in order to help them achieve their goals. We’ll have fun and learn at the same time. Students should bring the required materials as well as a bag lunch or snacks, as desired. The studio fee covers the cost of the models.