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Fabric Dye Studio for Surface Designers (Morning Sessions Ages 16+) with Wendy Kowynia

Workshop Cat1200X600

Saturday – Sunday, August 1 – 2 | 9am – 12noon* | $120 tuition + $55 materials *This same class is also offered in an Afternoon Session from 1 – 4pm each day. Explore some innovative approaches in fiber reactive dyes, including immersion dyeing, screen printing, stamping, painting, and discharge. Open to all levels. In this two-day open studio we will explore a multitude of approaches in the application of dye to woven cloth. Students can explore immersion dyeing with Procion MX dyes, screen printing, stamping and painting with thickened MX dyes, as well as discharge – both immersion and direct application. The structure of this class is an open studio, supporting students of all levels of experience, including beginner, in a fun-filled weekend of color. Students may attend any or all of the sessions. Wendy will support students’ ongoing work on fabric of their own choice. Skeins of cellulous-based or silk yarns can also be dyed. Students can use the class to start a new project, finish an old one, dye yardage, create color studies, over-dye a white elephant – anything to do with dyeing and surface design. Our only limitation is that MX dyes only work on cellulous (cotton, linen, rayon, tencel, ramie, hemp, bamboo, etc) and silk. The materials fee includes dyes, chemicals and miscellaneous supplies, but NOT fabric. The instructor will have fabric on hand for students to purchase, or they can bring their own. Please Note: This class will be held off-site at a private home in Telluride.