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Exploring the Landscape of Your Dreams with Sue Scavo

Dreams are a mystery, a landscape unto themselves, a puzzle, a place that can be scary, a place that can be hilarious. What are they? Why are they? Why do we find ourselves in this landscape night after night? Join Embodied Dreamwork Practitioner Sue Scavo for an afternoon of inquiry and opening into the mystery and promise of your dreams. In this workshop, Scavo will work with each participant to open and work with a dream to begin to address the question – What are your dreams doing and why? Bring a dream that has haunted you or a recurring dream or a childhood dream or the dream you had last night. Scavo will work with you to gently open the possibility of your dream and the mystery that it offers to you. Because dreams are personal and particular to each person, we will work with each dream and dreamer with this intention and attention. Sue Scavo is an Embodied Dreamwork practitioner and teacher and has been practicing for over 14 years. She is the co-founder of Limina, A School for Dreams and Consciousness and Students of the Dream. Sue has taught and led dreamwork retreats at such venues as Esalen, Kripalu, Breitenbush and Hollyhock retreat centers as well as here in Telluride for over 9 years. For more info on Sue, go to