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Capturing Character: Costumed Figure Portraiture with Julee Hutchison


Friday – Sunday, March 10 – 12 | 12:00-3:30pm | $275 tuition & materials Students must purchase required materials on their own. An oil painting class for experienced artists. A great portrait is more than capturing a good likeness of the sitter, it is capturing their character. While it is important to understand the structure of the body and face, it is equally important to make a portrait feel alive and evoke emotion to make the portrait truly reflect the personality of the subject. Whether classic ballerina, period attire, or Western wear, costumed models will create different and interesting tableaus for students to paint. Using oil paints, participants will focus on creating vibrant, honest portraits of unique individuals while learning the importance of composition, stroke, color and edges. Individual attention will be provided to help each student achieve their goals. Students should have some previous painting experience. Please bring a lunch or substantial snack to eat while engaging in a 30 minute discussion of techniques and practices for the first 30 minutes of each class.