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Canyon Sustainable Bolting Workshop

For those who want to learn how to bolt canyons for long-term sustainability, this is the course for you. Using the latest bolting theory and technology, this 2-day workshop is like no other in the world. You will learn to bolt canyons in a modern, sustainable way that will last generations to come. Daily Schedule Day 1 - See full schedule on Canyoning Colorado Facebook Event. Day 2: In-Canyon Bolting Day - We'll reinvest all the knowledge learned on the previous day and apply it through the rigging of a canyon in the area. Every person on the course will have a chance to bolt a drop in a real canyon under the supervision of the instructor and consultation of their peers. Prerequisites: This is an advanced level course, where previous canyoning / canyoneering experience is required. You must have sufficient personal skills to pass any obstacle on descent or ascent including full void handlines, deviations, and rebelays. You must be at least 18 years old.