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Beyond Paint: New Techniques & Unusual Materials for Layering Acrylics with Kellie Day

Geisha Kellie Day

Saturday | 10:00am – 4:00pm | $155 March 17, 2018 Explore with new acrylic mediums and techniques, from creating skins to layering grounds. There are so many acrylic products besides just paint. If you’ve ever wondered what to do with the Gels, grounds and mediums available, this class will get you going. Join us for a day of pouring, scraping peeling and painting. We’ll create 3-4 “mini-projects” where you can create works of art like never before. If you like painting with acrylics, these are all tools that can enhance your current painting. Blow your socks off with techniques like acrylic-encaustic effects (without hot wax), making acrylic skins, creating and layering transparent pours, creating textures with acrylic grounds, and combing all of this with painting. “Although acrylic has been around for more than fifty years, incredible advances continue to be made in the research and development of acrylic polymers and pigments… (thanks to) the efforts of a few dedicated chemists…” – Patti Brady SIGNUP DEADLINE IS MARCH 9TH!