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Bear It! Bear Safety for the 21st Century

IT'S BAAAAAAAAACKKKK! Everyone's favorite, raucous, ridiculous, ADULT show filled with bear safety. Conceived 8 years ago, BEAR IT! an original show, has played to SOLD OUT Telluride audiences in 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014... and now its BACK for 2017! 

Every year the Town of Telluride's Black Bear Awareness Week teaches the community about our furry, intelligent neighbors and ways to stay safe in blackbear country.  In 2009, they approached Telluride Theatre to write a play for the adult community, to educate and enlighten and through pure entertainment.  

Karen Guglielmone, the Public Works manager for the Town of Telluride, who originally asked Telluride Theatre to write a play  says, “By this time, we all may be getting tired of saying the same tired sayings over and over about bear awareness.  But BearIt!  Stay fresh!  Remember that the message is new to visitors and newbies in our community.  Stay accurate!  The continued good health and safety of bears and us humans is at stake over the long term.  Remember, if we love our bears we’ll take the actions we need to keep them safe.”BEAR IT! BearSafety for the 21st Century is part forest rangers, part revival, part musical, part bears (and much much more…) this is a MUST SEE show!

BEAR IT! is free and open to the public.  As always, donations are encouraged (a hat will be passed). 

For more information call 708-7629. BEAR IT! Is part of Telluride Theatre's program THE OFF - smaller FREE events with BIG impact.