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Ayurvedic Home Cleanse: When, Why, & How with Julie Peterson | March 20

Between the seasons, those who practice Ayurveda rely on cleansing to create balance in the mind and the body and to establish and maintain their overall well being. Cleansing has a multitude of benefits, including the elimination of accumulated toxins, improved digestion, burning unwanted fat, strengthened immunity, increased energy, and reduced cravings. This in-depth class will teach the key components of facilitating a successful Ayurvedic detox, including why one should do a cleanse, when is the ideal time, and how to go about undertaking a 10-day cleanse. Students should bring a notebook and pen or pencil. A materials list and a grocery list will be given so students can procure necessary items for the cleanse. Students will also learn supportive Ayurvedic lifestyle practices appropriate for this time. Time will be set aside for answering questions at the end of class.