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Adventures in Fabric Printing with Kathy Green

Experiment with silk screens, stencils, and fiber-reactive dyes to create uniquely printed fabrics. Spend three weeks exploring different methods of printing on fabric. Learn to design and print your own patterns, dye cotton, and explore how different materials and types of fabric absorb ink and pigment. From silk screens to stencils, students will use thickened fiber reactive dyes and focus on “breakdown” screen-printing. These unique dyes are great for a wide range of fabrics or for printing over previously dyed material. Participants will come away with new ideas, techniques and lots of uniquely printed fabrics. PLEASE NOTE: Class is at the Stone Building. Students should bring any silk screens they own, a color wheel and, after the first class, any items to use to create textures on their screens. Also, bring a notebook and pen/pencil to take notes. The course fee includes six yards of fabric, dyes, chemicals and one silk screen. Additional fabric is available for purchase separately.