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4th Annual Literary Burlesque: Geography of Resistance- Body Politic, Body Erotic

Tickets go on sale May 8, $15; For sale at Ah Haa and Between the Covers. 21 and over show, cash bar. Doors 7 pm/Show 8 pm, Talk to the Hand! This year's literary burlesque show, Geography of Resistance: Body Politic, Body Erotic, is our collective No! to the rising forces in the world that seek to strip from bodies of women and bodies of land the legal protections that ensure we run wild and free, as madams of our own ecology. But the theme is also a Yes! and a nod to Wallace Stegner's "Geography of Hope," a phrase that public lands advocates invoke in the ongoing effort to protect our last, best wild places. After all, we're performing on May 20th, Colorado's Public Lands Day. Meaning we'll caress contours. Tease topographies. We'll erode and expose. And we'll peel away playfully the projections that seek to reduce us and the beautiful earth upon which we stand to mere resources for the taking. Lit Fest performance reading by Amy Irvine, Kierstin Bridger, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, Corinne Platt, Daiva Chesonis, Lydia Peelle, Samantha Wright, Erika Gordon & Craig Childs