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2nd Saturdays Block Party


Join Wagner Custom Skis, the Telluride Jazz Festival, and Telluride Mountain Club for March's 2nd Saturdays Block Party at the Wagner Custom Skis Factory. This month's party will feature wine, champagne and beer $5, truffle fries, oyster paris $5 and music by Afrobeatniks. Admission is free! The Afrobeatniks draw their inspiration from the source: the popular, folkloric and spiritual music of Africa. The ancient rhythms that have traveled through time and space have now morphed into the grooves and melodies these Afrobeatniks provide, through their mutual passion for the complex and dance inducing West African, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, Latin Jazz music. Nigerian Afro-pop in the style of Fela Kuti, fused with traditional folkloric rhythm-structures of Guinea, West Africa, often serves as the vehicle to launch both original tunes and spirited covers. A bit of funk, reggae, and rock and roll round out the experience. A revolving cast of talented musicians fill out their sound during live shows.