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Britt Markey | Hey babygirl

Hey Babygirl is a collection of oil paintings inspired from excerpts of letters written to the artist in the past three years. The letters follow a prisoner on his journey in becoming sober and coming to terms with letting go of past mistakes and desires. Markey uses childhood memories and hands (used throughout her career) to illustrate the desperation, desire, and peace found in the quoted letters. Each piece is titled with an extraction from one of the letters of the past years. “I hope that I was able to express some of the powerful sentiment I felt when reading the letters. It is some of my most personal work to date” Markey says. Of course, that may be hard to see at first glance. The pieces themselves are bright and simple. Abstracted motorcycles, kittens, and of course hands. Markey uses a glazing technique used by old masters, where one color is applied on top of another to make a secondary or tertiary color. “ I like using glazes because you can see a glimpse of what is beneath. Like looking into glass panes of color. “ About the Artist Britt Markey is a contemporary painter and visual artist based in Telluride, Colorado. She has shown in galleries across Colorado and Arizona and received various grants for her work from the University of Colorado and the Arizona Arts Commission. She currently works as Programs Director for Telluride Arts, supporting her fellow artists and community in Telluride. Join Stronghouse Studios + Gallery for Art Walk Thursday, February 5th from 5pm-8pm. The exhibit will continue thru the month. Gallery 81435 is open most days from Noon-6pm or by appointment. 970.728.3930