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Yoga Anatomy: The Energetic Body


Understand the energy body from the yogic perspective. The five layers or sheaths of the body according to Indian tradition include the physical body, the energy body, the mental body, the personality and the soul. The depth and the interconnected nature of this multi-dimensional model contains a blueprint for achieving total health and well-being. Energetic anatomy also relates to the elements, the gunas (qualities of energy) and the paths and sacred junctures of energy in the body. A closer look reveals the macrocosm within the microcosm, proof of the interconnectedness of all things. This series, taught by Alline Arguelles, will explore the esoteric framework of the energetic body including koshas, chakras, nadis, doshas and more. A 20 minute Prana Vinyasa Chakra Namaskar will be part of each class to balance and activate the energies of each chakra, led by Kristin Taylor. Lecture and discussion will follow. This course is for yoga students, teachers, body workers, or anyone wishing to cultivate or refresh their comprehension of energetic human anatomy. Sign up for full course and a receive 23% discount. Full Course Investment (Seven Weeks) : $108 Drop Ins Welcome - $20