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Seeing Movement Through the Eyes of Qi Gong Practice with Master Lyn Dilbeck


An informative and fun way to deepen your experience of movement. Master Lyn Dilbeck from Sedona, Arizona has practiced Qi Gong and internal Martial Arts (Tai Chi, Hsing I, Baugua) and Escrima (5th degree) for over 30 years. He is the author of Experiencing God’s Reflection and two instructional manuals on internal arts practice. A gifted teacher, Lyn uses passion, skill and clarity to bring the sacred wisdom of these arts into a practical way of living. Call (970) 728-3886 to register. Three classes offered ($45 each or $120 for the series): Warming Up Your Body | Saturday, January 17 9-11:30 am This class will cover posture, standing and sitting; a spinal stretch series; and a pelvis a leg series. Energetics of Movement | Saturday, January 17 3-5:30 pm This class will cover the five core pumps (the primary energy flows from which our movement arises) and extending energy into your arms and hands. Keys to Enhancing Power and Sensitivity | Sunday, January 18 9-11:30 am This class will cover the downward intention of yin; power from relaxation and release; marriage of yin and yang; and playing in the field of expansion and contraction (silk reeling exercise, push hands). Privates are available for $50/hour. (Contact Susie Meade to schedule, 970/708-1919.)