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Telluride Gives 12.13.14

On December 13, 2014 or 12.13.14, the Telluride Foundation and local nonprofit organizations want to prove that giving is local. Telluride Give’s goal is that every full-time, part-time resident or visitor of the region will log-on to and contribute to their favorite cause. Donors can find a vast selection of nonprofits listed on and can give directly to a cause that will make a difference. This is an opportunity for everyone who cares about the Telluride region to give locally and collectively to the community. New for 2014 is a $15,000 match that will double every dollar donated after all the nonprofits collectively raise $50,000. San Juan Kids Endowment is providing $10,000 of the match this year, which will be shared with every participating nonprofit on a proportional basis to the amount they raise. KOTO Community Radio is partnering with the Foundation to promote Telluride Gives 12.13.14 and will be broadcasting information and updates all day long. Listen to profiles and interviews with participating nonprofits prior to and during the Telluride Gives event.