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Carbon Leaf live in concert

Small Carbon Leaf

The Sheridan Arts Foundation presents Carbon Leaf at the Sheridan Opera House on Wednesday, Oct. 1. The first 100 tickets will be $15 and the show will be $20. The show is Carbon Leaf is now in their 20th year of making music with their unique award winning sound. It's a down-home approach to an eclectic mix of folk-rock, Americana, Celtic, Bluegrass, rock and pop. With a steady stream of independent releases in the works for 2013, Carbon Leaf’s autonomous VOYAGE has come full circle – recording and producing from their own studio and releasing their music directly to fans – starting with GHOST DRAGON ATTACKS CASTLE in February, a 12-song collection of Celtic-inspired, original tunes. Irish folk and Gaelic influences have always peppered the band’s songs and albums for years – not to mention their energetic live shows – but GHOST DRAGON fully embraces those traditional roots from start to finish, giving the Carbon Leaf fan who loves the band’s Celtic-influenced songs (“The Boxer”, ”Desperation Song”, “American Tale”, “Toy Soldiers”, “Home”…) a new, full-blown album of all-original Celtic folk, rock and instrumental dance tunes to celebrate and sink their teeth into. "Some call Carbon Leaf's music, Southern, others label it Celtic and still others say it leans toward Bluegrass or some combination of formats. No matter what you take on the band's sound, almost everyone can agree that Carbon Leaf creates music that just isn't heard anywhere else--and that's what keeps fans clamoring for more music." Nancy Dunham - Washington Post