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Iyengar Yoga Chair Workshop

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Saturday, August 23rd 9am to Noon Explore the Yoga Chair in Standing & Seated Asanas Open to : All Levels (Including Beginners) 3pm to 6pm Explore the Yoga Chair in Backbends and Inversions Open to : Intermediate/Adv. Level Practitioners The Iyengar Method frequently incorporates the use of a backless chair as an effective yoga tool to deepen and enhance the experience and practice of all types of yoga poses. Iyengar yoga practitioners use these chairs in all sorts of poses ranging from simple seated twists, to standing poses, to supported inversions and backbends. B.K.S. Iyengar introduced props into the modern practice of yoga to allow all practitioners access to the benefits of the postures regardless of physical condition. Props help all practitioners (including the most advanced) gain sensitivity to the correct use of effort and receive the deep benefits of postures held over significant time periods. Props encourage students, bolster confidence, and create optimal body alignment. This workshop was inspired by Senior Iyengar Instructor, Eyal ShifroniÕs book: A Chair for Yoga: A complete Guide to Iyengar Yoga Practice with a Chair. Investment: $45 per class if pre-register and pre-paid by August 15th $55 per class after August 15th