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Intro to Yoga (for STIFF bodies)

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How do you feel when you get up in the morning? A little rusty? Not quite what you used to be? Wondering why your favorite sports or even general living are making your body ache? Want to feel young again? Maybe it’s time to try yoga! Join Kristin Taylor at the Telluride Yoga Center this summer and learn the basics and foundations to a happy and ease-ful life! • Asana: physical postures • Pranayama: breathwork and breath control • Namaskars (Awakening of energy and vitality) • Mudra: energetic seals and gestures • Mantra: vibrational sound and healing • Yoga Sutras: Mind Control • Relaxation and stress relief This class is the opportunity to gently familiarize yourself with basic postures and modifications and build up to a flow style of yoga. COST: $75 (7 WEEKS/7 CLASSES) DROP-INS WELCOME: Special $12 rate TO REGISTER: VISIT WWW.TELLURIDEYOGA.COM