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Much Ado About Nothing- 23rd Annual Shakespeare in the Park

Much Ado

Telluride Theatre presents Shakespeare in the Park.  By William Shakespeare, Directed by Anthony Luciano

July 19 - 26 at 8pm. (No show Weds July 23)

$15 (adults) $12 (children)

RAIN OR SHINE – audience is covered by town park stage

Suitable for all ages!

TICKETS available at or by calling 970.708.3934

 What might be Shakespeare’s most contemporary play, Much Ado About Nothing is the prototype for the modern romantic comedy. A story about two sets of lovers; one that loves too quickly and too young… the other that loves guardedly and in denial. They give themselves away too quickly, or refuse to give themselves away at all. Love comes at a great cost for these four, and comes about in the most unlikeliest of ways: Shakespeare’s genius is in noting that love requires a sense of humor - but cannot be sustained without sacrifice, trial and loss. 

Underneath the comedy in Much Ado About Nothing is a story about men coming back from war. These are men who quickly learn that their friendships on the field don’t translate to the world at home, and that the world they knew before the war is not the same as the one they are returning to. It’s a story of a country adjusting to a new political reality, a reality that is made up of instability, mistrust and a vastly weakened national leadership. Its a story of a divided nation, and the dangers this wreaks on the lives of even its most privileged citizens. 

Its setting is not unlike our own. A nation in transition, a cautious sigh and celebration as we come out of a decade of war while facing down an ever changing and destabilizing world. Our performance takes place in a world that looks very much like our present day. A 2014 of Shakespeare’s making, with a revivalist Gypsy Swing Band, press conferences and two cynical lovers that suit our time far better than any other. A comedy for sure, but in this divided age it doesnt come easy.

Shakespeare in the Park is a 23 year Telluride tradition of the bard in the beautiful outdoors.  There is nothing like the spectacular setting of Telluride’s Town Park, and seeing a play ON the stage brings audiences in the heart of the action in this spectacular setting. 

Original Music By – Ethan Hale

The Band – Ehren Borg, Denman, Ethan Hale,

Lighting by Tree Priest

Set Design by Scott Harris

Costume Design by Melissa Harris

Stage Manager  - Annie Tadvick

Featuring – Ashley Boling, Peter Chadman, Gabby Chamberlain, Sarah Chev, Sarah Efthim, Layna Fischer, Ethan Hale, Buff Hooper, Linda Levin, Peter Lundeen, Evan MacMillan, Dalton Metz, Simon Perkovich, Colin Sullivan, Annie Tadvick, and James Van Hooser.