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Evening Drop In - "Painting from Within" with Robert Weatherford


EVENINGS AT AH HAA: Thursdays, July 3-24 | 6 – 9pm | $40 + $20 materials This class is for anyone who wishes to render their internal landscapes or the movement of their spirit through paint. The idea is to construct a painting both physically as well as conceptually, whether still life, landscape, abstraction, or other. Using acrylics, students learn the aesthetic, emotional, and spatial properties of the various colors and how to use them to convey work from the soul rather from than the intellect. They are given encouragement, constructive criticism, and technical advice. By its nature, this class is always inclusive of all levels of experience, providing a safe, supportive atmosphere where beginners can mix with longtime painters. Since the Painting From Within philosophy is based on emotional rather than technical expression, all students are engaged in the same challenge. The $20 materials fee provides students with one 30″x42″ sheet of paper (Fabriano Studio Watercolor), Blickrylic Student Acrylic paints, use of Ah Haa’s brushes and palette paper. Additional sheets of paper are $7 apiece. Students may bring their own paints and brushes and pay for paper only. All students have use of a gator board, a variety of brushes, and plastic palette boards. Five- and ten-class punch cards are available for $200 or $400 respectively. Please note: Punch cards expire one year after the date they are issued.