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Science Theater with the Powerhouse Geek Squad!

Geek Squad

Recent studies suggest that an interest in science early in children’s lives influences the decision to pursue a science-related career. Additionally, students reporting an interest in science careers in eighth grade were three times more likely to obtain a college degree in a science field than were those who did not show that interest (Tai et al. 2006). The majority (65%) of 116 scientists and graduate students, reported that the root of their interest in science took place before their middle school years (Maltese and Tai 2010). Yeah, that’s great n’ all, but what about the EXPLOSIONS?! Well we’ve got those on June 5th at 1:00 when Durango Discovery Museum’s Powerhouse Geek Squad comes to Wilkinson Public Library for a little science theater. When Professor Gogglesmith comes in to work with a pimple, he and Assistant Professor Beaker drop everything to quickly come up with the world’s greatest zit cream. Utilizing all of the chemicals they have at their disposal, they have an explosively good time attempting to reach their goal. For kids of all ages, this special program right after the last day of school (a half-day) is sure to delight and educate. It ties in with WPL’s STEM-themed (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Summer Reading program. Parents can sign up their kids at the program, or right now at