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Intro to Animal Communication

Free Lecture and Intro Workshop Have you ever wondered how people can communicate with their pets and other animals without using words or body language? Have you heard about a horse whisperer, a dog whisperer or a dolphin talker? Know any chicken chatters? Animal Communication is easy to learn and simple to practice once you know how it works and why. In this free introductory workshop, Elizabeth Anglin, an animal communicator since 1994, will explain what animal communication is, how it works, and why... and then go through a set of simple exercises with you to show you that you naturally have all the tools you need to learn to communicate with animals. This lecture and workshop is for humans. Meeting room space is limited so please RSVP at or call 970-708-4838 A well-socialized, well behaved dog may attend with advance permission. Contact Elizabeth to Inquire. 970-708-4838