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Wake Up Your Senses: Basics of Wine Tasting with Bunny Freidus


Wake Up Your Senses: Basics of Wine Tasting BUNNY FREIDUS Friday, March 14 | 6pm – 8:00pm | $25 + $20 materials The soil, the climate, the particular grape and the winemaker herself are in each bottle of wine. To increase your enjoyment of wine, you can mobilize your senses as you look, smell and taste. Using a sophisticated tasting kit and a number of different wine varieties, sommelier Bunny Friedus will show students how to taste a wine’s saltiness, sweetness, bitterness and acidity, and then decipher the wine’s unique aroma, whether it’s oak, berry, flowers, vanilla or citrus. The goal is to help you “wake up your senses” and train you to look for certain distinct elements in a variety of wines, so that ultimately you’ll have more knowledge and a greater appreciation for every bottle. Even after two hours, you will begin to understand what it is that makes wine so interesting and so much fun.