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The Art of Story: 4 Fiction Writing Workshops with Katie McDougall

The Art of Story KATIE MCDOUGALL Thursdays, March 6 – 27 | 6pm– 8:00pm | $160 (or $45 per session) This fiction writing class is designed to feed the author and storyteller within. Each of the four individual classes will focus on a key element of the craft of fiction and will be comprised of instruction, discussion, writing exercises, and the opportunity for the writers to share work. Participants may choose to attend individual classes or to attend all four. All writers welcome; whether novice or experienced, the class activities will fuel the muse. (Note: While the course will focus on fiction, writers of creative non-fiction are welcome as the tools for effective narration apply to both.) Session One: Getting Started (March 6) Sometimes the hardest part is to begin. In this introductory session, we’ll discuss the habit and the why of writing before jumping right in with writing prompts and story starters. The goal of the session is simply to get the juices flowing and to have some fun letting ideas scribble their way out of our pens. Session Two: Creating Characters (March 13) Good characters stay with us. More than perhaps any other element of a writer’s craft, strong characters make for strong story. It’s a sort of magic when a reader is taken hold by a fictitious character whom he or she has never and can never actually meet but nevertheless knows intimately. How do authors create that magic? In this session, we’ll explore some ways to breathe life into your characters through details, point of view, and knowledge of the latent or not so latent forces that motivate these imaginary beings. Session Three: Crafting Plot (March 20) Whether you want to write an intricate whodunit or a quiet tale of a solitary life, story matters. Something must propel the narrative so that a reader wants to continue turning the pages. In this session, we’ll look at the myriad ways to heighten, manipulate, and complicate plot so as to drive stories forward. Session Four: Dialogue, Setting, Tone (March 27) In this final session, we’ll examine additional aspects of the storyteller’s craft, specifically writing effective dialogue, creating settings that pop off the page, and manipulating tone through details and word choice.