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Verticality: Dropping into the Dream Through Writing

Verticality: Dropping Into the Dream Through Writing with Amy Irvine McHarg Thursday, February 20 | 9am– 3:00pm | $75 Some of the greatest literary works, as well as some of the best-selling genre writing, have been inspired by the authors’ dreams: Jane Eyre, Kubla Khan, Stuart Little, Frankenstein, Jekyll & Hyde–as well as Twilight and Misery. Taught by local award-winning author Amy Irvine McHarg, this workshop will help participants deepen their experience with dreamwork through the process of creative writing – both poetry and prose. In turn, participants will learn how deepening our connection to the dream serves the creative process. Through guided writing exercises, the exploration of gnostic writing, shared work, and lively discussion, participants will learn to cultivate on the page stronger imagery, intensified feeling, and heightened sensuality, using images/sensations from each writer’s dreams. Workshop Prerequisite: One dream analysis session with an Archetypal Dreamwork analyst. To arrange for a session (via phone/approx. $90), contact Sue Scavo at 802-522-9171. (Current North of Eden clients need only bring a “worked” dream.) * This workshop precedes a weekend Archetypal Dream Workshop, to be taught by North of Eden master dream analysts Christa Lancaster, Marc Bregman, Sue Scavo, and Bill St. Cyr. A free public presentation will be held at the Ah Haa School on Thursday, Feb 20th, from 6-8 pm. (Not suitable for children.) For more information on Archetypal Dreamwork, visit