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West Water Outlaws


West Water Outlaws Saturday, February 15th, 2014 $7 advance at Wizard or $10 at the door Telluride crowd favorites the West Water Outlaws to deliver high energy rock 'n roll and blues. The high energy rock ‘n’ roll band West Water Outlaws from Boulder, Colorado was formed in early 2010 playing parties in the basement of singer Blake Rooker’s house. During the mass explosion of DJ software and macbook pros, not many parties in Boulder featured live rock bands. The rock parties were a hit and the band began playing in bars and local clubs for a small fee of beer and food. All four members have a strong foundation in blues/rock music which many listeners recognize as a classic sound but each and every one of those listeners can tell you something unique and innovative about The Outlaws. In the mind of the band, rock and roll is not a passed genre that they are attempting to revive, yet a continuous staple of music that challenges them to evolve their writing style and develop their own creativity. February 4th, 2014 brings the release of their first full-length album. The 13-song album will feature all new material and showcase several different sides of the band, while giving you all of the reliable hard hitting rock that you're hoping for. With artistic interludes and some unusual instrumentation peppered throughout the album, you will get an idea of the band's quirky personality in an addition to their music. That is why the band has chosen a “self – titled” release as a way to introduce themselves to the world. Audiences and fans of Led Zeppelin, The Black Keys and Queens of the Stone Age will find the sound particularly captivating and refreshing. The West Water Outlaws look forward to touring nationally in support of the new album, bringing their new and distinct voice to the fans of a vintage rock ‘n’ roll sound.