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Yoga Gone Wild™ - Embodied Feminine Wisdom

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Yoga Gone Wild™ is a yoga and movement practice that guides women into remembering the wisdom that lives deep within their bones. Instead of dusty, expired dogmas or neat and tidy boxes of “how things should be,” the path of the Wild Yogini is alive, juicy, and right here at the crest of each new moment. The Yoga Gone Wild practice includes strong, earthen asana; fluid, sensual movement; dance as moving meditation; nourishing breathing, sound, and restorative yoga. Yoga Gone Wild doesn’t seek to change you, but rather to open you to the timeless spirit that already lives within you. An adventure into the potency of your inner world, this workshop will usher in new levels of vitality, joy, and trust in your body and your life. $35 or Save $10 if registered by the 22nd of February.