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Finding Your Voice Painting Intensive with Robert Weatherford

Finding Your Voice Painting Intensive ROBERT WEATHERFORD Tuesdays – Fridays | January 21 – 24 and January 28 – 31 | 5pm– 9:00pm | $495 + $50 materials Although similar to Robert Weatherford’s Painting From Within once-a-week drop-in classes, this class builds from day to day, enabling students to keep returning their focus to their voice – “How do I say what I need to say in a way that is truly my own?” While inclusive of line, color and composition, as well as art history, the class continually returns to the question of what needs to come out of the individual artist. The philosophy is that only the individuated voice can lead to being a liftetime painter. Students will work with acrylic paint on paper. The materials fee includes 10 sheets of paper; students should bring their own paint and brushes, or they may use the school’s for an additional $10 per day. Students will have 24-hour-access to the studio over the weekend of Jan. 25-26, to continue working on their own.