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Connect, Experience and Release: The Childhood Years with Siri Karam Earthtree


In this multi-layered experience, we will utilize the techniques of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) to acknowledge the past, reflect on formative experiences, and recognize some of the habits which first took root in the formative years (0-11). Siri Karam will offer Kundalini Yoga practices to take you inward, awakening and connecting you to the Source of transformative energy. She will guide you into a deep meditation where you will discover the power to renew your self-concept and lessen the "charge" or reaction to past experiences. Through the release of negativity, we re-create our self-concept and return to an honest embodiment of the true eternal Self. The practices offered in the workshop can help you to let go of the patterns/memories/experiences that are holding you back, or simply begin to open the door, clearing the way for the path of progressive transformation. Whatever the degree of the outcome, the aim is to align with true destiny. Bring a notebook and a pen. $30 pre-reg by Nov. 15th / $35 day of Sign up: schedule, November 23rd, 3pm Siri Karam EarthtreeSiri Karam EarthTree has been teaching Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) since 2002. Her intention is to guide others to see beyond perceived limitations and obstacles and share with them the tools to recognize and expand the true self. Her teaching encourages you to find and live in this natural state of heightened awareness. Siri Karam received darshan (wisdom) from Yogi Bhajan during her training. As a result of the profound experience of spending time with a master, she is inspired to consistently seek the presence of divine beings. Siri Karam also received her certificate in Vedic Astrology with the gifted Dr. Katyayani Poole. Through studying Vedic Astrology with Dr. Poole, Siri Karam has gained insight, compassion and clarity in her own life and in working with others. These studies have greatly informed her teachings, developing an attuned awareness to the subtle energies at work in the yogic lifestyle.