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Telluride Homecoming Festival

Anyone who has ever lived in or around Telluride is welcome to come "home" this weekend to re-connect with the community, the mountains, the homes, the bars, the people of this unique community of hard-working and hard-playing folks. The Telluride Rotary Club is organizing the weekend for the community, and will host a big gathering in Town Park on Saturday the 20th from 5-9PM. Come sign in and see who else is here from your time in town. Event for all ages. Adult beverages available. Elk's will be serving picnic-type food. Other events will include tours of schools, homes, bars, the mountains, and some of the 4x4 tours that Telluride Rotary is known for. See the things you remember as they are today, and see things you never got around to when you lived here. Once a local, always a local!

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