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The Watershed Expedition Series: Ace Kvale and the Frozen Zanskar River Trek

Please join us for the 3rd event in our Watershed Expedition Series! We are very excited to have Ace Kvale, world-renown adventure photographer, present on his 2007 expedition on the frozen Zanskar River in Northern India. For centuries, the journey to the ancient Kingdom of Zanskar was only possible in winter months when the frozen river created a highway for travelers. This expedition was significant to Ace and his team, because climate change and fluctuating weather patterns are rapidly shortening the time the river is frozen,as well as the travel window. Please join us to learn about this incredible trek through the rugged and remote landscape of Northern India and to catch a glimpse of a culture preserved by extreme isolation. This event is free and open to the public! Sponsored by The Telluride Institute