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Vinyasa Yoga with Live Music: East Forest


East Forest is a unique electro-acoustic musical project that combines melodic-ambient soundscapes, ethereal vocals, and 100% original field recordings to create a genre bending visionary listening experience. With a foundation in ancient and modern "sound healing techniques" the auditory creations are simultaneously songs and "musical technology". The music creates sacred space and is a kind of "Shaman-pop" that humbly hopes to serve as a guide to put a few cracks in the hypnotic spell of our modern life and help each of us discover a sense of self through introspection. East Forest has shared stages and worked with individuals and artists ranging from Deepak Chopra, Elena Brower, Shiva Rea to Moby." This class will move with the breath in a sacred meditative flow of yogasana (postures), incorporating namaskars, (sun salutations + variations), standing balances, twisting, heart openers and contemplative seated postures within the practice. This class will be available to all levels.