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Vagabond Opera with Dirty Bourbon River Show

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The Sheridan Arts Foundation is proud to present a night of musical theater with Vagabond Opera and the Dirty Bourbon River Show on Thursday, March 14. Vagabond Opera is a six piece, Portland, Ore. based ensemble decribed by the Washington Post as a "band of ceaseless charisma, boundless energy, impeccable musicianship and more than a little touch of both the naughty and the exotic." Featuring four singers (two of them are operatically trained) tw cellos, saxophone, clarinet, accordion, double bass and drums, the Bohemian neo-cabaret gypsy rock ensemble plays a cabaret, burlesque, tango, Balkan beats, Klezmer, rock, Arab music, parisian hot jazz and yes, opera that'll leave your head spinning. Vagabond Opera will be joined by opening support, Dirty Bourbon River Show, an ensemble that deftly melds sounds that range from hard-edged blues to whimsical piano driven ballads to New Orelease brass.