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Leftover Salmon, a two-night run

Leftover TTnew

Leftover Salmon is excited to return to the Sheridan Opera House for a two-night run on Feb. 26 and 27. The sound of Colorado's legendary Leftover Salmon is unmistakable: fluid, loose-limbed and simultaneously rootsy and daring. Fusing an unrivaled improvisational ferbor to a dizzying combination of bluegrass, Cajun, funk, Southern rock, boogie, Caribbean, Latin and jazz influences. The origins of Leftover Salmon are as intriguing as their name. The group was born in Boulder, Colorado in 1989 as the result of a merger between Vince Herman and Drew Emmitt. Leftover Salmon is back to their classic five-piece lineup featuring: Vince Herman (guitars/vocals), Drew Emmitt (multi-instrumentalist/vocals), Greg Garrison (bass/vocals), Andy Thorn (banjo/vocals) and Jose Martinez (drums).