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Adobe Photoshop Theory & Practice with Drew Ludwig

We will spend two evenings discussing the history of photo manipulation, the role of photoshop within the medium of photography and working with your own workflow to maximize this program's abilities. Photoshop is difficult to master and many spend years on this quest. We will only be able to scratch this surface and open a door to this world. I will be asking all students to submit a list of what they hope to accomplish during our time together a week before our first class. Through these questions we will be able to dive in a bit deeper and go over some of the more technical capabilities of photoshop. Please bring a few photographs to work with. Of course I can not help but talking about photography, art and the pursuit of our dreams so there will be a good dose of that during this class as well. Feel free to bring tea, hot chocolate, bottles of wine and all the other social graces that make winter nights warm and cozy.